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In the Shadow of the Cypress

Режисьор: Shirin Sohani, Hossein Molayemi Страна: Iran година: 2023 Времетраене: 0:19:33 Категория: Късометражни филми [от 10 до 45 мин.] Продуцент: Shirin Sohani, Hossein Molayemi Дистрибутор: Shirin Sohani, Hossein Molayemi


A former captain, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, lives with his daughter in a humble
house located by the sea. Together, they live an isolated life and have to confront the challenges of a
harsh life.
Despite the captain's deep desire to be a devoted and caring father, he finds h

Биография на режисьора

Shirin Sohani, 09.08.1986, Tehran, Iran
M.A. in animation directing (Tehran University of Art). She started her professional career since 2012.
Concept artist, Background artist, Script writer & Production manager. Dar Saaye Sarv is her first
professional film. Her graduation animated film, The Fan (2014) won national & international awards.

Hossein Molayemi, 23.08.1982, Shiraz, Iran
M.A. in animation directing (Tehran University of Art). He started his professional career since 2004.
Director, character designer, storyboard artist, animator and university lecturer. Dar Saaye Sarv is his 2 nd
film. His 1 st film, Run Rostam Run (2017) has been selected in Annecy, Warsaw and several other Oscar
qualifying film festivals and won national & international awards.