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Afternoons at Escarafuncha (english sub)

Режисьор: Fernando Ferreira Garróz Страна: Brazil година: 2022 Времетраене: 00:11:59 Категория: Детски филми Продуцент: Fernando Ferreira Garróz Дистрибутор: Fernando Ferreira Garróz


Imagine a place where you can find everything! This is Escarafuncha, Uncle Tantarruga's curiosities and antiques shop, where the curious Dico spends all his afternoons while his parents go to work. In this space full of things, in which it is possible to find anything or even get lost, Dico lives fu

Биография на режисьора

With a background in graphic design and as a design teacher in higher education, Fernando Ferreira Garróz has been working as a director and screenwriter of animated shorts since 2014. In 2016 he adapted a short story by R.F. Lucchetti for the animation "O Sino de Montebello" (The Bell of Montebello), awarded in Brazil and officially selected for several international festivals. He wrote scripts for advertising animations and for the children's short films "Pelas Barbas do Noel!" (By Santa's beard!) and "Contos Incontados" (Untold Tales), selected for exhibitions on the International Animation Day, promoted by ABCA, the Brazilian Association of Animation Cinema. In 2022 he scripted and directed the short film "Tardes no Escarafuncha", with resources from the public notice PROAC Expresso Lei Aldir Blanc nº 56/2020.