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Режисьор: LI WEI CHIU Страна: Taiwan година: 2023 Времетраене: 01:35:00 Категория: Пълнометражни филми [над 45 мин.] Продуцент: Phil TANG, Bruno FELIX Дистрибутор: LI WEI CHIU


Pigsy is a street-smart loser who often messes things up. One day, he is chosen to enter the new world, to become a symbol of success. He can finally make grandma proud. Soon after, though, it turns out to be a mistake.
Pigsy does not want to be treated as a joke anymore. He makes a secret deal wi

Биография на режисьора

Li Wei CHIU, an animation film director, graduated from Tainan National University of the Arts and PH.D of Beijing Film Academy. In 2003, Li Wei CHIU was a senior researcher in Hollywood, and was invited to give a speech in the FMX, the pageant of Europe digital animation in Germany in 2011. The current job is the director of studio2 Animation Lab. Li Wei CHIU has produced and designed many animated films and won numerous awards, including the 2011 China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, the 2012 Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival / Special Jury Award, the 2010 & 2012 &2015 &2021 Golden Bell Awards / Best Animation Program, Digital Content Product / Best Animation Program, the 41st Golden Horse Award for Best Visual Effects, the 44th Golden Horse Award for Best Short Film, the 54th Golden Horse Award for Best Animation Feature film / Official Nomination, the 2003、2008 Golden Harvest Award for Best Animated Film, the 2017 Depth of Field International Film Festival for Best of show, the 50th Annual WorldFest-Houston for Golden Remi Award, the 2017 Amsterdam Film Festival for Best Animation, the 2017 San Diego International Kid's Film Festival for Best Animation Feature Film, 2017 Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival for Official Selection. Moreover, his image installation arts are exhibited in National Art Museum Of China in Beijing and Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts in New York.