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наградени филми

The Artist's Daughter

Режисьор: Dimitar Dimitrov Страна: Bulgaria година: 2023 Времетраене: 0:12:00 Категория: Късометражни филми [от 10 до 45 мин.] Продуцент: Neli Gacharova Дистрибутор: Dimitar Dimitrov


Ironic - a grotesque story about a father and his daughter who first die, then mysteriously revive, and the apparent drama melts into the lightness of a game in which death is stripped of weight and transformed into a dummy paper bird. The aesthetics of absurdity embedded in the script was inspired

Биография на режисьора

Dimitar graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in 2003 with a degree in Animation. In the period 2010-2021 he works at Gameloft Sofia as a 3D artist (modeling, textures, special effects and animation) and as a designer and 3D animator for the TV channels of NOVA Broadcasting Group – NOVA TV, Diema, Diema Extra, NOVA SPORT, MAX Sport. In addition to the game and television industry, Dimitar is also an artist, animator and creator of special effects for feature film productions (“AGA” 2019), series (“Island of the Blue Birds” 2019) and many others.